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r2dental is an enterprise  that seeks to develop new forms of collaboration for practices, laboratories and businesses. Through the flexibility of a network of freelance professionals, the possibilities available through digital networking and professional workmanship, we can offer services to support the core competences of your business efficiently. You profit from flexible input of professional creativity and experienced based expertise.

r2dental’s core  competence is information. Our core areas are classical marketing as well as special CAD/CAM projects. Our name also stands for a network of different virtual projects of dental science management.

By working closely with the client, individual solutions can be easily realized. As much as our projects strive against standardization, our bid preparation is clearly defined.

True to the maxim “thinking in processes”, our range of business activities is comprised of basic components, which can be tailored to fit individual needs. The cost structure is clearly defined and thus, from the onset of the project, the price you can expect to pay can be anticipated from the outset.

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