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 Prices in effect from March 2012


Everything there is to write. r2dental writes for or about you: professional articles, customer newsletters, trade show reports, event commentary, procedural guidelines, etc.

850 Euros per professional article* (about 2 pages)
750 Euros per trade show report* (1-2 pages)
450 Euros per press release* (up to one page)


Everything there is to think about. Either independently in our offices or together with your team, r2dental thinks of new ideas or concepts for your patient newsletter, trade show, event, gimmicks, gadgets, etc.

100 Euros per idea used*


Everything there is to show. r2dental develops for you: professional presentations, training documentation, trade show presentations, procedural guidelines, etc.

75 Euro per hour*


Everything there is to see. r2dental makes photographs for your professional article, customer newsletter, trade shows, presentations, procedural guidelines, etc.

30 to 100 Euros per picture* (depending on the subject)


Everything having to do with dental CAD/CAM. r2dental advises, analyses, integrates or conceptualizes in the area of dental technology.

per hour labor time: upon request
per hour travel time: upon request
95 Euros standard rate for overnight accommodations
0,65 Euro per kilometre driven. Train or plane expenses charged as incurred.

* For terms of use, see general terms and conditions (AGB)
* All prices are pre-tax – add appropriate VAT

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