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Everything there is to write. r2dental writes for or about you: professional articles, customer newsletters, trade show reports, event commentary, procedural guidelines, etc.

Professional articles as a marketing tool are becoming more and more important these days when customers are being inundated by pure advertising messages. Products are becoming more comparable, thus making it more difficult to set a product apart from its competition. In the future, only those businesses, which offer their customers a legitimate added value as well as the image factor, will be able to gain a lasting stronghold in the market. Professional articles are a very effective tool. The product initially takes a secondary role. The information about the properties, procedure and attainable results are of primary interest, thus heightening the importance and interest in the eyes of the customer. Product image development or the customer’s perception thereof is created on a professional level, which results in increased value and differentiation to the competition. Upon closer examination of the subject matter on a professional level, the perception of the business or the product will have a lasting effect on the consumer.

750 Euros per professional article* (about 2 pages)
650 Euros per trade show report* (1 - 2 pages)
350 Euros per press release* (up to one page)


* For possible additional costs, see current price list.
* For terms of use, see general terms and conditions (AGB)
* All prices are pre-tax – add appropriate VAT

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